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Sirivennela Seetharama Sastry Biography | Sirivennela Seetharama Sastry success story.

Sirivennela Seetharama Sastry Biography

Name-Sirivennela Seetharama Sastry

Popular name- Sirivennela Sitaramashastri.

Father Dr.C.V.Yogi

Mother Subbalakshmi

Professional- Poet, Author, Singer, Actor

Born – May 20, 1955

Birth Place- Anakapalli, Visakhapatnam District, Andhra Pradesh

Died 20 November 2021 (age 66)

Residence- Hyderabad, Telangana

Religion- Hindu

Caste- Brahmin 

Wife- Padmavati

The children-Yogeshwar Sharma and Raja Chembolu

Sirivennela Seetharama Sastry Passed Away: Once upon a time I was joked that if my first movie was any ‘dog’ it was my past. But the ‘Vidhata concept’ is why it is so. Vidhata wrote him ‘Sirivennela’. Vidhata gave him some good songs for Telugu people and sent him to earth as Ravoy. Vidhata commanded him to prepare disciples to walk in your path. Now? Enough is enough, there are your songs that I have to listen to … In the mornings, making a morning walk on the clouds, the vocalist called back, “Let’s have a word conversation.”

‘Kondatalli nelakichu palemo

Foam run waterfall

Do not reduce the amount of booze until you drink it

Thirsty flying quail ‘…

That is the poet’s imagination. The poet’s imagination with Siri.

‘Galamu kolanu kaga prati padmega mega’ ..

Oops .. what an imagery.

‘Eto Gone Mind’

Is the refrain so simple?

‘Money is everything between being born and singing’

How can a person who does not speak this bitter truth become a poet?

‘The message is not to own anything

If the quality of sharing is gone, then the world is nothing.

Sirivennela Sitaramashastri has gained longevity as a cine poet.

Even those who have objections to his political views

He enjoyed the song. Enjoyed.

The scholarly poet of Sirivenne. The poet who baked fruit moons on the screen.

Tribute to him.

What is the ‘Butterfly’ Effect?

The event that takes place here is where the repercussions are.

Well done. Isn’t that a fantasy idea.

1980 .. ‘Shankarabharanam’ is released. Ooruwaada Celebrations. Honors. The unit is coming to Kakinada. To be honored. There was a bully poet in that yard then. He sings the opening hymn in every literary house. The friends thought, “Let’s ask him … let’s compose a song praising Vishwanath.” ‘I will not build on Vishwanath. What is the song on the person? Shankarabharan will be cast on the film. The film Gangala was made to quench the thirst for Telugu art.

I will write a song under the name Kanaka Gangavataranam ‘Annada poet. Wrote. The day of honor has come. The police did not send this bully poet inside if people broke up to see the unit. The poet has an ego. ‘Viswanath is not lucky enough to hear my song,’ he thought to himself. Is that so? ‘He will know my name forever’ he thought. Really known for years. CH Sitaramashastri. Chembolu Sitaramashastri.

‘Kailasana Kartikana Shivarupam Pramadhaloka Himadeepam without Pramide’ … Vettori wrote in ‘Sagara Sangamam’. ‘Shankara Nada Sharirapara’ is also written in ‘Shankarabharanam’. If K Vishwanath really had to put ‘Gangavataranam’ in his film, Vettori would be happy to write. Vishwanath is a single card for movies. But in ‘Janani Janmabhoomi’ the name ‘CH Sitarama Shastri’ was added to the single card.

In the film, Sitaramashastri used a few lines from the earlier ‘Gangavataranam’ for a short dance ballet called ‘Gangavataranam’. The song was written by Sitaramashastri in Kakinada, Alanad. According to the first song for Sitaramashastri on the Telugu screen. With that the song would have stopped. But had to continue. Because so the new poet Vettori succumbed to intrusion.

“I will not write songs for Vishwanath anymore,” he said. Vishwanath did not want to be written by Sitaramashastri then. Sitaramashastri has never been anyone. With that, he had to turn to Sinare and Atreya for the film ‘Swathimuthyam’. Then take ‘Sirivennela’. If you look at this, he is accustomed to Vettori Aligi. The seniors are too busy to give him much time. What to do? The butterfly effect is the same. Someone cried. Sitaramashastri got ‘Sirivennela’.

‘Influenced on the head of Vidhata is the eternal biography

Adi Pranavanadam in response to prananadus’ ..

Sitaramashastri’s first song was officially recorded on October 4, 1985. Baloo, who came to sing, looked at the young man, the thick glasses, the thin-bodied poet and said, ‘You are so powerful as a poet. The coming decades are yours. ‘ It happened as well. The Sitaramashastri song went on for not one, not two, not four decades. The first movie received a lot of praise. The name of the house became Sirivennela.

If this moment in Madras is the day of Kabur in Kodambakkam, it will be late the next minute. Someone is a new poet. Sitaramashastri Ata. Writing for Vishwanath. True. Will you write another spice song? The answer given by the poet to those who went .. There are three conditions. 1. Do not demean women 2. Do not give bad messages to society. 3. I will not write a screaming song for the youth. When the producers heard this, they started turning their faces away from Sadele. But who leaves the Sukavi fragrance, the Satkavi nectar

Will buy. ‘Shrutilayas’ has been released. It contains the Annamayya hymn that has never been heard before.

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‘Telavarademo Swami

Tired Deveri in the sink of your head

Alamelu Mangaku ‘…

How great must Vishwanath have been in searching for this psalm. After that, when the song came to the Nandi Awards, Judge CS Rao said, “Hey … does Annamayya need a Nandi Award now?” Annamayya Raseda is a song written by Sitaramashastri. ‘Nandi’ kept walking to his house.

Rangopal Varma is a great technician. So the greats wanted to work on his film. College song with Sitaramashastri?

Botany lessonNdi is a matinee game

Did you vote for something?

Throughout the rest of the film, Kurukshetra watched the song with such enthusiasm that the trumpets rang out. Anyway .. ‘Commercial Song’ is one. What if the scientist even wrote that one type? Can’t he write? ‘Bobbili Raja’ came. ‘Balapam patti bhama ballo .. aaii nerchukunta’ … Pata movie super duper hit. Now … Sirivennela Sitaramashastri has become a ‘comprehensive cine poet’.

If you want to make sure that the swan lives, you can live. If you want to sink in the cuckoo litter, you can sink. The choice is mine. Decision making allows nature to do just that. Sitaramashastri wanted to write a ‘clean song’. If you are passing by, you should think that he is the one who wrote that good song … He should be called to any meeting … If he is encountered, he should be greeted … He should be like a ‘scientist’ … ‘Gadu’ … The name should not be mistaken at the end.

He remained a “scientist” until his death. Pallavi courtesy. Step respect. The greatness of Sirivenne is not understood unless it is put in context. In the days when words like male ant, jaggery, odi, tadi, gollem, talam were circulating as songs, it was Sisyphean personality to reserve the pen for writing ‘Cheppave Chirugali Challaga Edagilli’. The original cult.

OK. Is this poet a scholar? Does he know the word of the villager … does he know the foot of the folk? ‘Swayam Krishi’ was released. ‘Siggu Poobanti Isire Sitamalachchi’ wrote.

‘Ramu sittamlo kamudu sintalu repanga’ is a folk song. In ‘Apadbandhavudu’? ‘Aura ammakachella … alakinchi nammadamella … anandalala in such strange stories’ he wrote. In ‘Shubhasankalpam’ he uttered words like fish lightning in the fishing boat saying ‘Sandrave ningi nilangi nilavanta sandrave in blue eyes’. There is no education that does not come to Sirivenne.

The one who comes to the song and just makes money on it becomes the average poet. One who seeks to awaken society through it becomes a noble poet. Sirivennela wrote, “Suppress this shameless people.” No matter how big the trend of the rulers in the society, no matter how many misdeeds are going on, the people who go by saying ‘Manakendukule’ shrugged their shoulders when they heard this song.

Ashamed of their helplessness. “Someone once walked the aisle forward and back and forth,” he wrote in Ankuram. Afraid to walk alone? “The first step is always to be alone,” he said. How dare if such a poet is next. ‘This community has reaped every meal you eat,’ he said in ‘Rudraveena’. ‘Are you going to escape when the time comes to pay off the debt … Will you hit the raft when you cross the river?’ He yells. ‘Let us see the freedom of the people who are always washed away .. Is it Swarajya Mandama itself’ … he evokes the present of this country.

One song equals one thousand motivational speeches. Sirivennela was the one who advised those who were stuck in despair and jumped into detachment to get up. ‘Never admit defeat,’ he said. The 40-year-old father died when Sirivenne was 20 years old. Two younger brothers. Two younger sisters. A mother who has become lifeless. Survivor Sirivennela for them. Therefore–

‘The painless minute is the birth of death

At the foot of life

It’s not your fault

Batuku means constant conflict

The body is lifeless and the blood is dead

Even more so before the army

Never admit defeat ‘… he wrote.

He himself wrote for ‘Srikaram’ that ‘If the mind is a little upset, do not ask for the death of the drug addict’. “No fear, no fear, take off your sleep mask … it’s white, Legendoi,” Kodikutha heard.

‘Ore Anjaneyulu … the tribe should not get tired

We are swimming in a tidal ocean

Current Two Ezetra Our hardships

Tears if the curry is high in chili

Fighting mosquitoes all night long is our global war

Golimar‌ ‘…

Is the title song of ‘Amritam’. You do not need a BP tablet every day.

He once joked, “If my first movie was about any dog, I wouldn’t be dead.” But the ‘Vidhata concept’ is why it is so. Vidhata wrote him ‘Sirivennela’. Vidhata gave him some good songs for Telugu people and sent him to earth as Ravoy. Vidatha ordered him to prepare disciples to walk in your path. Now? Enough is enough, there are your songs that I have to listen to … In the mornings, making a morning walk on the clouds, the vocalist called back, “Let’s have a word conversation.” Is the preaching poet alone? Can’t you hear the song ‘God .. change this world’?

Until then let us sing his good songs in honor of that poet. This world should be ours. All people want to be brought back. We must practice the loneliness of the thirsts of the mohas that haunt us. The song of Sirivenne should be lingering.

The whole world is mine … life alone is mine

Samsara Sagaram Nade … Sanyasam Shunyam Nade …

Tribute to celebrities

Versatile intellect and literary richness shines through in the works of Sirivenne. Shastri worked hard to popularize the Telugu language. My deepest sympathies to his family and friends. Om Shanti.

– Narendra Modi, Prime Minister

Not only the beauty of the Telugu song, but also the respect was brought. I am one of those who love the Telugu language and love every song with the values ​​they write. I still remember the moments when they were presented with the Ustad Bismillah Khan Award in Goa in 2017. Knowing that Sitaramashastri was admitted to the hospital with an illness, I kept talking to the doctors over the phone and inquiring about their health condition. Their health is plummeting, soonI thought Ne would recover. Sitaramashastri prayed for peace for the soul and profound sympathy for their family members.

 – M. Venkaiah Naidu, Vice President

I was very sad to know that Sitaramashastri was no more. Shastri’s entry to the song breathed a sigh of relief at a time when the lyrics of Telugu film themed songs were declining. Sitaramashastri has enriched the Telugu cine literature with songs sung by four people for ten seasons. My tribute to Sitaramashastri for breaking literature. My sympathy to their family members and relatives.

– NV Ramana, Chief Justice of India

‘Sirivennela’ Sitaramashastri is the pinnacle of values ​​in the world of Telugu film music. Through his acrobatics with letters, the Telugus will forever be immortalized in their history. His death is a great loss to the Telugu people. Peace be upon his soul .. I extend my deepest sympathies to his family members.

– YS Jaganmohan Reddy, Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh

Sirivennela, a scholar who created wonderful literature that could be intertwined with any musical process, won the hearts of the laity. His literary reign spanned three and a half decades, touching on social and traditional issues. The death of Sitaramashastri in ‘Sirivennela’ is a great loss to the Telugu film industry and literary fans. I extend my deepest sympathies to his family members.

– KCR, Chief Minister of Telangana

It is a great loss to me, to the Telugu film industry and to the poets and artists with national ideology that ‘Sirivennela’ Sitaramashastri is a paradise. The songs he wrote about patriotism were given to me 15 days ago in the form of a CD. It is very unfortunate to be in heaven while recovering. He is the one who clearly says that my ideology is national ideology.

– Kishan Reddy, Union Minister

I thought the right shoulder was gone when Balasubramanian died. The left shoulder was also gone with the death of Sirivenne. Talk to you soon and keep up the good content. Peace be upon his soul .. My deepest sympathies to his family.

– K. Vishwanath, Director

Sirivennelagaru spoke very politely to me on the phone for about 20 minutes after I was admitted to the hospital. The man who went to arrive by the end of November did not expect to come lifeless in this way. Sirivennela is such a great writer after Vettorigari. Srisrigari’s sharpness can be seen in his literature. SP Balasubramanian and Sirivennelagaru .. Leaving like this is a deficit that no one can fill for the film industry. It is difficult to imagine such a great man, such a great poet, again. – Chiranjeevi, actor

Sirivennelagaru was the man who gave literary respect to the film song.

– Balakrishna, actor

Sitaramashastri is the closest to me, the son of Saraswati. The literary peak influenced by Vidhata’s head fell to the ground. He expressed profound sympathy to their family, praying for peace of soul.

– Manchu Mohanbabu, actor

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Beautiful songs, words left for us, you are gone. Will live forever in their form. – Nagarjuna, actor

Akshara Tapasvi Sitaramashastri wrote the lyric to inculcate strong feeling .. humanity .. optimism in the hearts of the masses in small words. The fact that that mahaniyudu is no more is indigestible. – Pawan Kalyan, actor

I was shocked to hear the news of the death of ‘Sirivennela’ Sitaramashastri. He must bring peace to the soul. – Maheshbabu, actor

Although his pen was written by Aluperugaka, the letters he wrote will remain memorable to all as long as the Telugu language exists.

– NTR, actor

I was shocked to hear the news of the death of Sitaramashastri of ‘Sirivennela’. His services to Telugu literature and Telugu cinema are extraordinary. – Ramcharan, actor

I spoke on the phone with Sirivennelagari last Saturday. ‘I should write a song like you as a cushion,’ he said, ‘don’t underestimate yourself .. you can write’. We have created a benchmark to inspire all of us to write so great. I learned from watching him as the children learned from watching the father at home. He was a teacher who instilled in me a strong sense of self-confidence.

– Ramajoyya Shastri, cine song writer

The money we earned with the movie ‘Ardhangi’ in 1996, the name is all gone. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. The words of Sitaramashastri that gave me courage in such situations and led me backwards and forwards were ‘Never admit defeat’, ‘Never give up patience’. It takes courage to remember and sing whenever there is fear. Tribute to the Sitaramashastri who guided the course of my life. – Rajamouli, director

‘Adventure is my chariot. Adventure life ‘.. The song inspired me a lot. He will surely go to heaven.

– Ram Gopal Varma, Director

Sitaramashastri is a great gift to Telugu cinema. Even though the boys are far away from us, we keep him in our hearts and remember him. ‘Sirivennela’ also stays in our hearts.

– Veevi Vinayak, Director

The heart is full and pregnant. Unproductive grief is emerging. The mother is away from the paper and the children of the letters are crying loudly. You are alive. The song lost its life. – Sukumar, Director‌

Celebrities like Ashwaneedath, BVSyan Prasad, Emms Raju, Sravanti Ravikishore, Dil Raju, YVS Chowdhury, Maruti etc. also paid tributes.

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