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20+ Best Short moral stories for Kids.

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Whenever there is a mention of stories, kids must also be mentioned, because stories are basically loved by kids the most. These stories are the only medium through which they definitely get new inspiration and at the same time they learn to live life right.

So that he helps to make better people in the future. Really, these short and big moral stories are very inspiring for all kids. At the same time, there is always something to learn from them in the end. So everyone young or old always likes stories.

You will also find a lot of variety in these children’s stories. I mean, the authors of these stories write different kinds of stories for children. Like stories of kings and queens, stories of animals, stories of ghosts, stories of birds and many more.

But every story has something to learn. From here you can read short stories of Rabindranath Tagore.

Often you have heard your elders say that in their time only their grandmothers, grandmothers or elders of the family used to tell these bedtime stories. But with time everything started to change.

Now you rarely see children going to villages, and they spend more time on their mobiles or computers, in a situation where they don’t have the fun of listening to stories that the people of the past must have experienced. We are sorry that you had to be deprived of this happiness. But yes, we will try to get you to tell us similar stories.

So without delay, let’s enjoy all the stories that are sure to delight you.

Moral stories in English

Today I present this article “Short Moral Stories” for you only to make kids aware about these best short stories. These stories are for people of all ages, but they are written specifically for children.

If you want to hear some unique and interesting stories to your kids then you can definitely read and narrate those stories from here. So without delay, let’s listen to a great story.

1. The Story of the Lion and the Mouse:

Once upon a time, when a lion was sleeping in the forest, a mouse started jumping on his body for his amusement. This disturbs the lion’s sleep, and he gets up as he gets angry.

At the same time, as soon as the mouse ears, the mouse begs to set him free, and he swears to him that if he ever needs it, he will surely come to the lion’s aid. Seeing this misadventure of the mouse, the lion laughed a lot and let it go.

After some months one day some hunters came to the forest to hunt and caught the lion in their net. At the same time tied him to a tree. In this situation, the restless lion tried to free himself but could not do anything. So he started roaring loudly.

His roar could be heard far away. At the same time, the mouse was passing by a side road and hearing the roar of the lion, he realized that the lion was in trouble. As soon as the mouse reached the lion, he started cutting the web with his sharp teeth and this caused the lion to be freed after a while and he thanked the mouse. Later, both of them went to the forest together.

2. Story of Greedy lion:

One summer day, a lion in the forest was very hungry. So he started looking for food here and there. After some searching, he found a rabbit, but instead of eating it, he found it too small.

Then after searching for some time he saw a deer on the way, and he followed it but as he was looking for a lot of food, he got tired due to which he could not catch the deer.

Now that he could not eat anything, he thought of eating the rabbit back. At the same time he returned to the same place and left there and found no rabbit there. Now the lion became very sad and had to starve for a long time.

3. Needle Tree Story:

Two brothers lived near a forest. Among these two brothers, the elder brother used to treat the younger brother very badly. As he used to eat all the younger brother’s food every day and also wore the younger brother’s new clothes himself.

One day the elder brother decided to go to the nearby forest and bring some wood which he would later sell in the market for some money.

He went to the forest and cut down many trees, then while cutting down one tree after another, he stumbled upon a magical tree.

At this the tree said, Oh kind sir, please don’t cut my branches. If you leave me, I will give you a golden apple. During the surgery, he agreed, but greed rose in his mind. He threatened the tree that he would cut off the entire trunk if it did not give him more apples.

So the magic tree instead of giving the apple to the elder brother rained hundreds of needles on him. Because of this, the elder brother started crying on the ground in pain.

Now the days are slowly falling, and the younger brother is starting to worry. So he went to the forest in search of his elder brother. He saw the elder brother lying in agony near the tree, his body pierced by hundreds of needles. He felt compassion in his heart, reaching his brother he slowly lovingly pRatiti removed the needle.

The elder brother was watching this and was getting angry with himself. Now the elder brother apologizes to the younger brother for mistreating him and promises to be good. The tree saw the big brother’s change of heart and gave him all the golden apples he would need later.

4. Story of the Lumberjack and the Golden Ax:

Once upon a time, there lived a woodpecker near the forest. He used to collect wood from the forest and sell it in the nearby market for a few rupees.

One day he was cutting a tree when he made a mistake and his ax fell into the nearby river. The river was very deep and flowing really fast – he tried hard to find his ax but he couldn’t find it. Now he felt that he had lost the axe, sat on the bank of the river in sorrow and began to weep.

Hearing his cry, the lord of the river went up and asked the woodcutter what happened? The carpenter told him his sad story. The lord of the river took pity on the carpenter and offered to help him after seeing his hard work and honesty.

He disappeared into the river and brought back a golden axe, but the carpenter said it was not his. He disappeared again and this time he came back with a silver axe, but again the woodpeckers said that this ax was not his too.

Now the river lord disappeared into the water again and this time he came back with an iron ax – the wooden ax the carpenter laughed and said it was his axe.

The river god, impressed by Kathur’s honesty, gifted him with both gold and silver axes.

5. The Story of Elephant and His Friends

A long time ago, a lonely elephant came to settle in a strange forest, this forest was new to him and he wanted to make friends.

He first approached a monkey and said, “Hello, monkey brother! will you be my friend Monkey said, you can’t swing like me because you are too big, so I can’t be your friend

Then the elephant went to a rabbit and asked the same question. “You are too big to fit my bill,” said the rabbit, “so I cannot be your friend.”

Then the elephant went to the frog in the pond and asked the same question. The frog replied to him, You are too heavy to jump as high as I am, so I cannot be your friend. Now the elephant is really sad because he couldn’t make friends even after trying so hard.

Then one day, seeing all the animals running around in the forest, the elephant asked a running bear what was the cause of this disturbance?

Said the bear, the lions of the forest are out hunting—running away from them. In this situation the elephant went to the lion and said, please do not hurt this innocent man. Please leave them alone.

The lion mocked him and asked the elephant to step aside. Then the elephant got angry and pushed the lion with all its might, causing him to run away injured.

Now all the other animals slowly came out and started rejoicing over the lion’s defeat. They approached the elephant and told him, “Your size is perfect to be our friend!”

6. The Story of Potatoes, Eggs and Coffee Beans

There was a boy named John and he was very sad. Her father saw her crying.

When his father asked John why he was crying, he said that he had many problems in his life. His father just smiled and told him to bring a potato, an egg and some coffee beans. He put three in the bowl.

He then asked John to feel their texture and then he instructed each bowl to be filled with water.

John did as he was told. His father then boiled all the three bowls.

When the bowls have cooled, John’s father asks them to re-experience the textures of different foods.

John noticed that the potato had softened and the skin peeled off easily; The egg became hard and hard; There the coffee beans were completely transformed and filled the water bowl with aroma and taste.

7. Tale of Two Frogs

Once a group of frogs were wandering in the forest in search of water. Sudisdenly two frogs in the group accidentally fall into a deep hole.

The other frogs in the group were worried about their friends in the hole. Seeing how deep the hole was, he told the two frogs that there was no way to escape from the deep hole and it was useless to try.

They kept discouraging him as two frogs were trying to jump out of the hole. They both try their best but are not successful enough.

Soon, one of the two frogs begins to believe the other frog – that they will never escape the hole – and eventually gives up and dies.

The second frog continues its efforts and finally jumps so high that it escapes from the hole. The other frogs were shocked to see this and wondered how he did it.

The difference is that the other frog was deaf and did not hear the group’s discouragement. He thought they were encouraging him in this endeavorBong is encouraging him to jump!

8. Stupid Donkey Story:

A salt seller used to go to the market every day with a bag of salt on his donkey.

On the way they had to cross a river. One day while crossing the river suddenly the donkey fell into the river and the bag of salt also fell into the water. As the bag filled with salt dissolved in water, the bag became too light to carry.

Because of this the donkey was very happy. Now again the donkey has started doing the same tricks every day, due to which the salt sellers have to suffer a lot.

The salt seller realized the trick of the donkey and decided to teach him a lesson. The next day he loaded a sack of cotton on the donkey.

Now the donkey did the same thing again. He hoped the cotton bag would still be light.

But the wet cotton becomes too heavy to carry and the donkey suffers. He learned from this. The salt seller was happy if he did not move after that day.

9. An Old Man’s Story:

There lived an old man in the village. He was one of the most unfortunate people in the world. The whole village gets tired of his strange behavior.

Because he was always depressed, he complained constantly and was always in a bad mood.

The longer he lived, the sadder he became and the more venomous his words. People avoided him because his bad luck was contagious.

Whoever meets him will have an inauspicious day. Being happy next to him was unusual and even humiliating.

Being so sad, he created a feeling of sadness in others.

But one day, when he turned eighty, an incredible thing happened. This word spread among people like today.

“The old man was happy today, he wasn’t complaining about anything, but for the first time he was smiling, even his face looked fresh.”

Seeing this, the whole village gathered in front of his house. And everyone asked the old man: What happened to you?

In response, the old man said: Nothing special. For eighty years I chased after happiness, and it was useless, I never found happiness. And then I decided to live without happiness and enjoy life. So I’m happy now.”

10. Obstacle Stories

Once upon a time a king deliberately placed a large stone in the middle of the road. He went there and hid in a big bush nearby. He wanted to see who finally moved the stone out of the way.

Many people started coming through that road but no one thought it proper to remove the stone. Even many ministers and rich merchants of the king’s court passed that way, but no one thought fit to remove him. On the contrary, he blames the king for this obstacle.

Many people strongly accused the king of not clearing the road, but none of them did anything to remove the stones from the road.

Then a farmer brought a load of vegetables. On reaching the stone, the farmer lowered his load and tried to move the stone away from the road. After a lot of hard work, he finally got success.

The farmer goes back to collect his vegetables and finds a wallet lying on the side of the road, where the stone lies.

The purse contained several gold coins and a note from the king that the gold was for the person who removed the stone from the road.

What we learn from this story is that the obstacles we face in life give us an opportunity to improve our situation and while others complain of being lazy, we are proud of their kind hearts, generosity and willingness to work. Create opportunities through

11. Tale of the Fox and the Grapes

Long ago, once in a forest a fox was very hungry. Searched the whole forest but could not find anything to eat. After much searching, he found nothing he could not eat.

Finally, with his stomach rumbling, he hit a farmer’s wall. Reaching the top of the wall, he saw large, juicy grapes in front of him. Those grapes were very fresh and beautiful looking. The fox felt ready to eat.

The fox had to jump high in the air to reach the grapes. As he jumped, he opened his mouth to grab the grape, but he missed. The fox tried again but missed again.

He tried several more times but failed.

In the end, the fox decides he can’t try anymore and must go home. “I bet the grapes were sour,” he muttered to himself as he left.

12. Story of the Proud Rose

Once upon a time, in a distant desert, there was a rose tree that was very proud of its beautiful form. His only complaint was that it was growing next to an ugly cactus.

Every day, the beautiful rose is on the cactus insulted and ridiculed it for its appearance, whiles the cactus remained silent. Other nearby plants tried to convince Rose, but she too was fascinated by her own form.

In one scorching summer, the desert dried up, and there was no water left for the plants. The rose began to wither quickly. Its beautiful petals wither, losing their bright color.

One afternoon, Gulab saw a sparrow dipping its beak into a cactus to drink water. Seeing this, Rose felt a little shy.

Although she was embarrassed, Rose asked Cactus if she could get some water. In response, the kindly cactus readily agreed. When Gulab realized his mistake, they helped each other through this difficult summer.

13. Counting Crows:

Once Akbar Maharaj asked a strange question in his assembly, due to which the entire assembly was astonished. As they all try to find out the answer, Birbal comes and asks what is the matter.

He repeated the question to her. The question was, “How many crows are there in town?”

Birbal immediately smiled and went to Akbar. He announced the answer; His answer was, there are twenty one thousand five hundred and twenty three crows in the city. Asked how Birbal knew the answer, he replied, “Tell your men to count the number of crows.

If more, crow relatives from nearby towns would come to them. If there is less, then our city crows must have gone to their relatives living outside the city.”

The king was very pleased to hear this answer. Pleased with this answer, Akbar presented Birbal with a ruby ​​and a pearl chain. At the same time, he highly praised Birbal’s intelligence.

14. Tales of the Greedy Man:

Once upon a time there lived a greedy man in a small town. He was very rich, but even so his greed had no end. He loved gold and precious things.

But one thing was sure, he loved his daughter more than anything. One day he saw an angel. He came to him and saw that the angel’s hair was stuck on some branches of the tree.

He helped her and the angel was freed from those branches. But when his greed took hold, he realized that he could easily become rich if he asked for a wish in return for his help (by helping him).

Hearing this, Pari also gave him an opportunity to fulfill a wish. At this the greedy man said, “Everything I touch should be gold.” In return, this wish of that angel is also fulfilled.

When his wish was granted, the greedy man rushed home to inform his wife and daughter of his wish. He kept touching stones and pebbles and saw them turning into gold, which pleased him too.

As soon as he reached home, his daughter ran to greet him. When he bent down to take her in his arms, she turned into a golden statue. Seeing this whole incident in front of him, he realized his mistake.

He started crying very loudly and tried to bring the girl back. He tried hard but couldn’t find the fairy anywhere. He realized his folly, but by then it was too late.

15. Tales of the Fox and the Crane:

One day, a selfish fox invited a stork for dinner. Lycra’s was overjoyed at the invitation, for he was very fond of food. He reached the fox’s house in time and knocked on the door with his long beak.

The fox invited him into the house and asked him to come inside. Then took the diner to the table and served them both some soup in shallow bowls. As the bowl was too shallow for the stork, he could not drink the soup at all. But, the fox quickly licked his soup.

The stork was angry and upset, but did not show his anger and behaved politely. While there he made a plan in his mind, to teach the fox a lesson.

He then invited the fox to dinner the next day. When the fox came to her house, she also served the soup, but this time in two tall narrow vases. The stork ate the soup from his vase, but the fox could not drink it because of his narrow neck.

Seeing all this, the fox realized his mistake and went home hungry.

16. Crystal Ball Stories:

A long time ago. Once a little boy Rama was playing in his garden. He found a crystal ball behind a banyan tree in his garden. The tree told him that it was a magic crystal ball that would grant his wish.

He was delighted to hear this and thought a lot, but unfortunately he couldn’t find anything he wanted from that crystal ball. So, she kept the crystal ball in her bag and waited until she decided on her wish.

A long time passed in thinking like this, but he finally did not understand what he wanted. One day his friend saw him with that crystal ball. While there he stole that crystal ball from Rama and showed it to all the villagers.

They are all for themselvesWanted palaces, wealth and lots of gold, but they couldn’t make more than one wish. In the end, everyone is angry because they didn’t get everything they wanted.

They all felt very sad and decided to ask Rama for help. Hearing her, Ram wanted to make a wish, and Ram wanted his wish that everything would be as it was before. All the villagers who tried to satisfy their greed earlier, disappeared.

That is, the palace and gold they wanted disappeared and the villagers became happy and satisfied again. In the end everyone thanked Ram for his understanding.

17. Ant and Pigeon Story:

On a hot day, an ant wandered here and there in search of water. After walking for a while he saw a river and was happy to see it. He climbed a small rock to drink water, but he slipped and fell into the river.

As he was drowning, a pigeon saw him. A pigeon sitting on a nearby tree helped him. Seeing the ant in trouble, the pigeon quickly threw a leaf into the water.

The ant moved to the leaf and climbed on it. Then the pigeon carefully took out the leaf and placed it on the ground. Thus the ant’s life was saved and he was always indebted to the pigeon.

After this incident Ant and Pigeon became best friends and had a happy day. But one day a hunter came to the forest. He saw the beautiful pigeon sitting on the tree and aimed the pigeon with his gun.

All this was watched by the ant who was saved by the pigeon. Seeing this, the ant bit the hunter’s ankle, causing him to scream in pain and drop the gun from his hand. The pigeon was frightened by the hunter’s voice and realized what might happen to him. He flew to save his life!

When the hunter left, the pigeon approached the ant and thanked him for saving his life. Thus both friends come to each other’s aid in times of trouble.

18. Ant and Elephant Story:

Long ago, once upon a time there was a proud elephant in a forest who always threatened the smaller animals and made their lives miserable. So all the small animals were upset with him. Once he went to an anthill near his house and sprinkled water on it.

When this happened, all the ants started crying about their size. Because that elephant was much bigger than them, he could not do anything.

The elephant just laughed and threatened the ants that he would crush them to death. In this situation, the ants left quietly. Then one day, the ants called a meeting and they decided to teach the elephant a lesson. As per his plan, when the elephant approached him, he went straight into the elephant’s trunk and started biting him.

At this the elephant can only cry out in agony. Because the ants were so small that their elephants could not do anything. He couldn’t do anything but stay inside his sound. Now he realizes his mistake and apologizes to the ants and all the creatures he threatened.

Seeing his suffering, the ants also felt pity and left him.

19. The Story of the Dog and the Bone:

Once upon a time there was a dog who roamed the streets day and night in search of food.

One day, he found a large juicy bone and immediately held it between his mouth and carried it home. On his way home he had to cross a river. There he noticed that another dog was looking at him, and it also had a bone in its mouth.

This makes the dog greedy and he wants the bone for himself. But when he opened his mouth, the bone he was cutting fell into the river and drowned. This happened because the other dog was none other than his shadow, which he was seeing in the water. Now that the bones in his mouth had fallen into the water, he went to his house starving at night.

20. The Story of the False Boy and the Wolf

Long ago, there once lived a boy in a village who got tired of watching the village sheep grazing on the nearby hills. To cheer himself up, he shouted, “Wolf! Wolf chasing sheep!”

Hearing his screams, the villagers rushed to the mountains to chase the wolf. But, when they arrived, they saw no wolf. The boy was happy to see their angry faces. He was amused by this.

All the villagers warned the boy, “Wolf, don’t cry wolf, boy”, “When there’s no wolf!” After that they all went back to the mountain in anger.

To his amusement, later again, the shepherd boy shouted again, “Wolf! The wolf is chasing the sheep!”, as he saw the villagers running up the hill to scare the wolf away. He was again happy to see this.

When they saw that there was no wolf, they sternly told the boy that there was no wolfIf so, he should not call them. Only when the wolf comes should he be called. As the villagers were walking down the hill, the boy smiled to himself.

Later, the boy saw a real wolf approaching his flock. Terrified, he jumped to his feet and shouted as loud as he could, “Wolf! Wolf!” But the villagers now thought that he had fooled them again, so they did not come to help.

At sunset, the villagers went in search of the boy who had not returned with his sheep. They went to the hill and saw him crying.

“There really was a wolf! The herd is gone! I shouted, ‘Wolf!’ But you didn’t come,” she cried, all this while crying.

Now an old man went to comfort the boy. When he put his hand on his back and said, “No one believes a liar, even if he is telling the truth!” Now the boy regrets his mistake.

21. The Story of Tenali Ram and robbers

Long ago there was a kingdom called Vijayanagara in the south of India. Krishnadevray was the king of that kingdom. There was also a minister named Tenali Ram in his court.

By that time there were many thefts in Vijayanagar. King Krishnadevara was worried about thieves. Everyone present in the court including Tenali Rama became worried! That evening when he (Tenali Ram) returned to his house from court, he found two idols hiding behind a big mango tree near the well in his garden.

Now he knows very well that he is not a thief but there. He thought of teaching those thieves right. On reaching home, he started talking loudly to his wife, so that the thieves could hear them.

What he was telling his wife: “… it is not safe to keep our jewelry at home. Please fill our iron trunk with your ornaments and they will drop them into the well for safekeeping!”

Hearing this, the robbers laughed at the fool’s plan. He thought this Tenali Ram was such a stupid person. At the same time, Tenali Ram whispers to his wife that the thief is hiding in the garden. At the same time asked to fill the trunk with stones and utensils.

Once the trunk was full, Tenali Ram and his wife dragged the trunk into the well. “It will be safe here!” he said aloud to his wife.

Both thieves were waiting at home to sleep. He had a plan! Each robber takes turns to draw water from the well.

His enthusiasm soon turned to exhaustion and he decided to take some rest. Then someone around said: “So! The garden is flooded, you have done a good job for the day! Now the garden does not have to be watered,

The robbers looked around and saw Tenali Rama trailing behind with a shovel and a stick. He was surprised to see him, got up and ran away! After some time, the people of Vijayanagar did not complain of any looting.


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