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Mahatma Gandhi Biography wiki | Unknown Facts About Mahatma Gandhi.

Gandhi Jayanti: biography of Mahatma Gandhi, know the special things related to the life of Gandhiji

Mahatma Gandhi Biography
Full Name- Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi
Date of Birth- 2 October 1869 (Gandhi Jayanti)
Birthplace-  Porbandar (Gujarat)
Father’s Name-  Karamchand
Mother Name-  Putli Bai
Education-  Passed Matriculation Examination in 1887, In 1891, he returned to India as a barrister in England.
Marriage- Yes 
Wife Name- Kasturba Gandhi
Children’s Name
Achievements (Awards)
  1. Father of the Nation of India,
  2. Important contribution in making India independent,
  3. Source of inspiration of truth and non-violence,
  4. Important Contribution in India’s Freedom Struggle Quit India Movement,
  5. Swadeshi Movement,
  6. Non cooperation movement Swadeshi movement etc.

Mahatma Gandhi’s life introduction Key points Mahatma Gandhi’s principles are very relevant even in today’s era.

Biography of Mahatma Gandhi: Mahatma Gandhi is such a person in Indian history who fought till his last breath for the interest of the country. He was such a leader of the freedom movement who, following the path of non-violence, had stunned the British rulers. Mahatma Gandhi is also addressed as the Father of the Nation. Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela were also greatly influenced by his ideology of truth and non-violence. Mahatma Gandhi also fought non-violently against injustice and racial discrimination in Africa for 21 consecutive years, which cost the British not only in Africa but also in India.

The full name of Mahatma Gandhi was Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. He was born on 2 October 1869 in Porbandar, Gujarat. His father’s name was Karamchandra Gandhi, who was the Diwan of a small princely state of Kathiawar during the British Raj. Mahatma Gandhi was married to Kasturba Gandhi at the age of just 13. Gandhi’s father died two years after the marriage, and just one year after his father’s death, he had his first child, but unfortunately he died shortly after birth.

However, even in these difficult circumstances, Gandhi did not give up and in 1887 received a high school degree from Ahmedabad. And after completing college, in the year 1888, he decided to go to London to study law.

This incident affected Gandhiji.

Gandhi returned to India after completing his law studies in 1891, but had to go back to South Africa in connection with his job. He arrived in South Africa at the age of 23 and was thrown off a train a week later while traveling from Durban to Protoria. While he had a First Class ticket, it was due to racial discrimination. It was forbidden for any Indian or black to travel in first class. This incident badly hurt Gandhiji, which cost the British not only in Africa but also in India.

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Contribution of Gandhiji in the freedom struggle

Gandhi returned to India from South Africa in 1915 and joined the Indian National Congress with his mentor Gopalkrishna Gokhale. During this time India was bound by the chains of slavery and there was a need for someone who could give a new direction to the freedom movement. Gopalkrishna Gokhale suggested him to understand the pulse of the country. Gandhiji planned to visit India to understand the condition of the country, so that he could know the pulse of the country and connect with the people. He also led the Non-Cooperation Movement, Civil Disobedience Movement, Quit India Movement. The contribution of Gandhiji in the freedom of the country cannot be measured in words. He along with other freedom fighters forced the British to leave India.

Facts About Mahatma Gandhi:

Mahatma Gandhi Autobiography: The whole world knows Mahatma Gandhi, the warrior of our country’s freedom and the priest of non-violence. His 152nd birth anniversary is being celebrated on 2 October 2021.

When did Mahatma Gandhi become the ‘Father of the Nation’, even the Government of India does not know… RTI revealed

October 2 is dedicated in the name of Mahatma Gandhi

Gandhi’s Civil Rights Movement was spread to 12 countries.

Know here many such facts related to Gandhi

Facts About Mahatma Gandhi: Every year on October 2 in India, it is dedicated to the name of the Mahatma who has always taught the country to follow the path of non-violence. Mahatma Gandhi was born on 2 October 1869 in Porbandar, Gujarat. Gandhi’s father’s name was Karamchand Gandhi, who was the Diwan of Rajkot and his mother’s name was Putlibai. On January 30, Gandhi was shot dead by Nathuram Godse in Delhi. Due to which the whole world was immersed in mourning, during that time 8 km long funeral procession of Mahatma Gandhi was taken out.

Since his death in 1948, every year 2 October is celebrated as Gandhi Jayanti. Mahatma Gandhi has taught the whole world that any battle can be fought without any violence. Mahatma Gandhi was a prominent political and spiritual leader of the Indian independence movement. Today, on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti, we are going to give you some interesting information about Mahatma Gandhi, which you may not know about.

1. During his stay in South Africa, Gandhiji helped people in the Anglo Boer War of 1899 as a health worker. It was here that he saw the horrors of war and started on the path of non-violence.

2. Gandhiji’s civil rights movement was spread over a total of 4 continents and 12 countries.

3. You all must know the world’s biggest innovator Steve Jobs, he was inspired by Gandhiji. Therefore, to pay respect to him, he used to wear round glasses.

4. Hardly you know that Gandhiji was only 46 kg at the age of 70. At that time he used to walk ten kilometers every day and sleep for 5 hours. At that time his height was 5 feet 5 inches. He spent 6 years 5 months of his life in jail.

5. Mahatma Gandhi was arrested 13 times during his movement. During this he did 17 big fasts. At the same time, Gandhiji was hungry for 114 days continuously.

6. The work of Mahatma Gandhi in the world can be understood from the fact that the country from which he fought for India’s independence issued a postage stamp in his honor. 21 years after Gandhi’s death, Britain issued a postage stamp in his name for the first time.

7. In India, there are a total of 53 big roads named after Gandhiji to honor Gandhiji, except small roads. While a total of 48 roads abroad are named after him.

8. Gandhiji helped establish a total of three football clubs in South Africa in Durban, Pretoria and Johannesburg.

9. Gandhiji was married at the age of 13 with Kasturba Gandhi, a year older than him. It took a year to complete the wedding rituals that took place during that time and for this reason he could not attend school for a year.

10. This thing about Gandhiji may surprise you, but it is true that Gandhiji has not received the Nobel Peace Prize yet. Although he has been nominated for this a total of 5 times so far.

11. During the Satyagraha struggle of South Africa, Gandhiji established a small colony of 1100 acres, Tolstoy Farm, 21 miles from Johannesburg.

12. Do you know that Gandhiji was born on Friday, India got independence on Friday and Gandhiji was also assassinated on Friday. 

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Happy Gandhi Jayanti 2021 Quotes, Wishes, Messages:

 Mahatma Gandhi, who got India independence from the British rule and honored with the title of ‘Father of the Nation’, is famous all over the world. Gandhiji, a priest of truth and non-violence, played a big role in freeing India from the shackles of slavery. He taught the lesson of truth, non-violence and peace to the whole world. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was born on 2 October 1869 in Porbandar, Gujarat. Therefore, every year on 2 October, ‘Gandhi Jayanti’ is celebrated all over the world, this day is also celebrated as ‘World Non-Violence Day’.

Not only did Mahatma Gandhi play an important role in India’s independence movement, but he also raised his voice against racial discrimination in South Africa. On the special day of Gandhi Jayanti, people share quotes and special messages to each other. You can also wish on this glorious day through these messages-

1- The dreams of Bapu have to be decorated again,

To save this glow by giving a strand of blood,

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We sang a lot of songs of freedom,

Now we also have to fulfill the duty of patriotism.

Happy Gandhi Jayanti!

2- Only one truth, one non-violence,

There are two whose weapons,

With those weapons

made Hindustan Azad,

Salute such an immortal soul together.

Happy Gandhi Jayanti!

3- Gave us freedom

without a shield, without a shield

saints of sabarmati

You have done amazing.

Happy Gandhi Jayanti 2021

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4- Raghupati Raghav Rajaram,

Purifier Sitaram

Ishwar Allah your name

God bless everyone

Heartiest congratulations on Gandhi Jayanti.

5-Khadi is my pride,

Karam is my worship

true is my karma,

And Hindustan is my life.

Heartiest congratulations on Gandhi Jayanti.

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