Kumkum Bhagya written update Today.

Kumkum Bhagya written update

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Kumkum Bhagya

The episode begins with Pallavi requesting Ranbir to go to Riya. Ranbir leaves. Pallabi said, we have to explain to him. You will not deceive him by saying Vikram. Pallavi says that she will scold him until he becomes a father. Prachi says it is extremely challenging for him to be back, and says that my breathing has become heavy and I do not know what to do. Dida says I love you more than Ranbir and you stay here for me. “I loved Ranbir lot, but no matter what he does to you, I’m upset,” he said. He apologizes to the wall and says I will get some forgiveness if you stay here.

Prachi asks, why are you saying ‘sorry’, it’s not your Michelle. Dida said adults will be responsible for their children. He is sorry for Ranbir’s sale, cheating and everything. Shahana came and listened to them. Prachi hugs Dida. Shahana said hugs would be banned and asked Prachi not to cry and express her anger on Ranbir. Dida says I didn’t tell her to cry for my baby, it’s not a good one. Shahana is stunned. Dida says she is aware of her pregnancy. Shahana said, Aunt and Dida for the child. He requested Prachi to live happily and not to grieve. Dida says Shahana is right. “I try, but it reminds me of the old memories,” Prachi said. Shahana requests that he put new pressure on Ranbir to get rid of himself. Prachi said I will try.

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Written update Kumkum Bhagya today’s episode

Vikram talks to someone and says that he needs every old employee. He says he was unable to cope with his satisfaction, because the joy of his year will be satisfied. Pallavi asks Ranbir what is happening? “I didn’t have the best idea,” Ranbir said. Vikram tells Ranbir and Pallavi that his city project will start. He remembers building a city in Delhi, where there will be a trend like Punjab. He says he has agreed and all his old representatives are going with him. Ranbir congratulates him and hugs him. “It’s an adventure for everyone except my imagination,” Vikram said. Stanley gets there. Ranbir requested that he go to the review room with them. Pallavi tries to stop him.

Kumkum Bhagya Aaj Ka Full Episode Online

Prachi tells Dida and Shahana that she has chosen to show two emotions, either pleasurable or will show. He says I had a good breakfast and will process. “I cooked from Didar’s web-based recipe,” Shahana said. Prachi thanked him. Dida says I have to make such a big amount for you, yet everyone will ask who am I making it for? Prachi says you are doing such a great job with me. He says he remembers playing the drums, but his grace is enough. Prachi says the celebration was due to Rhea’s pregnancy. Shahana says we are upset. Dida says she can’t do without him either. Prachi said she is pregnant, we will not give her a good time. Dida says she will make laddu for him, and will not tell anyone about her pregnancy. She says she’ll say Rhea is preparing for it, yet she’ll eat prachi. She’s going. Shahana tells Prachi that adult help is very important. Prachi says he brings together hosts as decorators and they can come.

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Stanley handed over the documents to Ranbir. Ranbir asked do you remember? I remember everything you said, Stanley. She asks if she is OK and gets some information about Prachi and Riya. Ranbir said, “Nothing is great and Prachi could not express what I understood. I was going to talk to Prachi about my feelings when Rhea fell. Stanley said I know and was at the emergency clinic as well. Ranbir said the real storm arose when the doctor spoke of rear pregnancy. He said Prachi was distressed and left the emergency clinic. The mother then worships Riya and points out her horrible feelings to the wall and she leaves the house. He said he looked through it and found her in a leased house. He said I chose there, I would not leave him and go with him. Stanley says your romantic story is complicated. Ranbir said it was constantly confusing. “I have to make it easy and go along the wall,” he said. He says Prachi will leave the house soon, when he leaves I will hold his hand and stand apart. Is he stopping at Stanley’s request? Ranbir says that I miss doing something that I throw out of the house. He says I would make Dad’s fantasy project a big misfortune and it would upset him a lot. He said

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